Bill and Ted’s 10 Most Excellent Lessons for Educators

cover In light of this movie celebrating its 25th anniversary, I present to you 10 excellent lessons for educators from the greatest adventure in learning ever told!

1.  Band together.   Alone both Bill and Ted were hopeless, but together they were able to find excellence.  You may work as an individual, but individuals who can effectively collaborate with their peers are those who will thrive.  Team up, find your Circle K where you can meet up, and know that together there are no projects that you can’t conquer. 

2.  Embrace technology, but make sure to read the handbook.   It can take your teaching to a whole new dimension, but if you don’t study up you can find yourself in the middle of an all-out battle.  Learn it, love it, and rock on!

3.  rufus 3Be like Rufus.  He was there for Bill and Ted just when they needed, nothing more and nothing less.  On the journey of learning a great educator does not lead the way, they show the way and guide their students as they progress forward.  Find that balance for your kids and watch their story play out.

4.  You can make for a rockin’ future today.  You are living in the future’s past of your students, so make that difference now.  You may not have access to a time traveling phone booth later on.

5.  Think twice about letting Genghis Khan run loose in the mall.  Appropriate environmental structures, expressed expectations, and practiced classroom routines will automatically eliminate a great deal of challenging behavior.  So when giving kids “downtime” still remember to establish some boundaries.kahn

6.  Nothing beats hands on learning.  When learners have the chance to wrap their hands around their work they are much more able to wrap their minds around it as well.  Seek out ways to get the information off the page and into hands so that students can interact with it.

7.  You never get old, you just become a classic.  Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is 25 years old, but every time you watch the movie it feels young.  It is your spirit and energy for learning that defines your age in teaching years, not the number of candles on a cake.

8.nopolean  Don’t leave Napoleon unsupervised at the water park.  Empower your kids to navigate the social environments that they will access.  It may look exciting but it’s slippery out there!

9.  Stay positive and celebrate the little things.  Every time something went well for Bill and Ted, they always took a brief moment to do a little air guitar.  Find your air guitar and celebrate the excellence you see in your students and peers.

10. Be excellent to each other.  be excellent


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