Patrick has a special connection with transportation staff.  He frequently provides dynamic workshops around the country for those who drive the big yellow bus.  Here is a listing of his most popular workshops for this group:


The Filter for Behavior Change on the Bus

Get ready to engage with behavior!  Patrick pops the hood and looks at the filter all professionals should have when looking at behavioral challenges on the school bus.  This engaging presentation bridges the gap between behavioral science and what can be realistically and effectively implemented by transportation staff.  With best practice strategies, the first and last step in every student’s day can be a positive one.

Length: 2 hours


Autism: What It Means to Us, What It Means to Them

Making the bus ride a good experience for everyone is Patrick Mulick’s goal.   When it comes to students with autism, that means knowing what to look for and knowing what to do.  In this unforgettable workshop, Patrick puts transportation staff behind the wheel of what it feels like to have autism and then provides various strategies to consider for support.  From using visuals to establishing routines, he demonstrates how doing a few of the little things right can go a long way for these wonderful students.

Length: 2 hours


Working with Families of Students in Special Education

“Together we can take kids far, but only if we work together.”  With this perspective taking workshop, Patrick shows how parents of students in special education often end up becoming isolated and unsupported.  Small ways are demonstrated how we all can connect with families, creating greater collaboration between school, home, and transportation.  Reaching out does not have to take a lot of effort, but it does take an effort, and it is an effort that can be life changing for families and students.

Length 1.5 hours


Supporting Escalations on the Bus

Specifically for special education drivers, this workshop explores the escalation cycle that some special needs students may encounter on the bus.  While these can create some of the most dangerous moments in transportation, they are moments that can be minimized, reduced, and in some cases avoided through the use of appropriate proactive and reactive strategies.  Get equipped with methods of intervening and be prepared for the next moment of crisis.

Length: 2 hours


Inspirational Keynote: Undefeated

The passion and precision of one can effect change on the masses, and so it is YOU who can effect change within your team.   Are you ready to be that person?  Maximize your environmental impact by creating a home field advantage in which your colleagues and students can win!  All bus drivers play an integral role in supporting our students’ success, bringing new meaning to how we “positively reinforce” each other.  Through inspiring stories, engaging team building activities, and memorable metaphors, Patrick brings the idea of “being extraordinary” on home for transportation staff.

Length: 1 hour



“Patrick is a very dynamic speaker who quickly engages the audience.  At one moment you will be cheering, another laughing, and I promise you he will also put a tear in your eye with his stories of success.  I am a 35 year public servant and I have seen a lot of great teachers, coaches, and presenters in my time.  I have seen Patrick speak at the State WAPT Conference and the STN Conference in Reno NV.  He was excellent each time.  Patrick Mulick is one of the best!”

John Suessman
Transportation Director
North Thurston Public Schools


“I continue to hear positive comments months later about the presentation Patrick gave our team. That means they not only listened but they heard, understood and are implementing the training in their daily duties.”

Tom Misfeldt
Transportation Director
Tahoma School District


Outstanding Presentation!!!!  Thank you very much for the training you provided. I found it very useful not only as a parent of a son with special needs but, as an administrator of 130 school bus drivers; 105 of which are special needs. Your presentations (both) were so enlightening.  Very inspiring! ….Thank you!”

Ronald Hill
Director of Transportation
Sacramento, City Unified School District California


“Patrick was the keynote speaker at our 2017 Winter Workshop.  He presented 3 of his workshops to 790 bus drivers and transportation staff.  His information was informative, engaging, and fresh.  Some feedback from attendees:

  • Excellent insight on why students with autism might be acting out on the bus.
  • Gave great ways of what students with autism go through every single day.
  • Very excellent.  He made us think and laugh!  His words will stuck with us for a very long time

Thank you Patrick for presenting useful and relevant information at our workshop!”

Sandi Miller
President of the South Willamette Chapter of Oregon Pupil Transportation Association


“I was at Patrick’s keynote in State College earlier this week.  It was a fantastic presentation.  I have seen many keynotes over the years and this sticks out at the top.  I appreciated the motivation and real life suggestions.”

Mike Reese
Assistant Safety Director at Rohrer Bus Service

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