Promoting Independence: Making Routines Routine

If you are getting stuck on which points of the day to really focus on first with independence, look for the common routines.  Look for events that take place everyday, at the same time, and have a very similar order to them.  This can be a morning entry, getting lunch, math warm-ups, … Continue reading

Promoting Independence: The 3 Point Prompt

For young learners who frequently struggle with noncompliance the road to independence can be a long one.  But every journey begins with a first step.  Every journey begins with a plan.  The 3 point prompt is not going to be appropriate for every early learner, but for many it can provide … Continue reading

Promoting Independence: The Prompt Hierarchy


This is the prompt hierarchy, an essential component to promoting independence for learners.  It provides a continuum of intrusiveness that should be at the forefront of our minds when working with those who are susceptible of becoming dependent on our help.   As students navigate their day and are … Continue reading

Promoting Independence: 10 Mantras of the Special Educator!

Independence is not bought, it is won.  Through the small victories provided by passionate educators our leaners do more with less.  But every warrior needs a battle cry, every competitor needs a cause, and ever special educator needs a mantra.  Not just a reminder about the lives we change, but … Continue reading

Promoting Independence: Be the 1st Man!!!

Those who consider themselves part of the Seattle Seahawks fandom pride themselves on their passion, their love, and their impact on the game.  And to a large point they have made Seattle one of the best places for a player to call home.  They refer to themselves as the 12th man and they … Continue reading

Promoting Independence: Picture This!

Despite giving adequate processing time when expressing behavioral expectations or schedule changes, students may continue to struggle with going from hearing to doing.  While the learner may hear the words you are saying they may not be visualizing them accurately and hence … Continue reading

Promoting Independence: Less Talk, More Time

Are you tired of having to repeat directions over and over?  Your students may be too.  When expressing simple expectations such as “sit down” or “raise your hand”, we may not immediately get what we are looking for.  While it seems like they are just being non-compliant, they may not be … Continue reading

Promoting Independence: The Need for a One on One Paraprofessional

Greater challenges from a student often lends itself to a need for greater supports, and in the eyes of many there is no better support than the acquisition of a one on one paraprofessional for a student.  It is this blanket response to challenges in the schoolhouse that can inhibit growth and create a culture … Continue reading