Five Rules of Five for Educators to Live By


Lets keep it simple today.  Improving classroom climate and your own effectiveness as an educator does not need to be exceedingly complex.  Here are five rules for all educators to live by to improve your day to day performance.

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Strategies for Promoting Independence for Students Who Have a 1:1 Paraeducator in General Education


If we are not deliberate with how we support students in special education, in trying to help them we unknowingly could be hurting their future.  For students who spend most of their day in the general education classroom with a 1:1 paraeducator, there can be a large tendency to … Continue reading

Targeting Independence: A Shift in Mindsets for Students Who Have 1:1 Paraeducators in General Education


Promoting independence for students with disabilities does involve a number of specific strategies, but it starts with having the right mindset.  As it has been said before, culture eats strategies everyday.  If school staff wish to empower their special learners in being more independent, each team member first must be bought in.  … Continue reading

Targeting Independence: Why We Must Take the Conversation of Using a 1:1 Paraeducator Seriously

Today I am going to throw a bunch of research at you, but it is research that is worth keeping an eye on.  It surrounds the hot topic of using a higher level of support in a 1:1 paraeducator for a student in special education.  While providing a paraeducator to support a … Continue reading