De-escalation Made Simple for Students with Autism


You can never be too equipped with de-escalation, even when it comes to recalling concepts you have already learned.  I received a great deal of positive feedback from my series on de-escalation in autism.   If you didn’t have the chance to read each entry, the links are posted below.  Since then I have … Continue reading

Day 13 of ASD De-escalation Tips: Know the Learner


Students who periodically escalate have an unfair disadvantage as they transition to new teachers during the span of their education.  Most often long before the educator actually meets the learner, they hear of the horror stories, they hear of the tales of disruption and destruction, and they hear of the struggles that they … Continue reading

Day 12 of ASD De-escalation Tips: Resources for Communication

Let’s talk more resources to make life easier!

A student’s escalation cycle can have a great amount of detail, from the specific observable behaviors at each level to the carefully crafted interventions.  I shared with you earlier this great visual to help represent the big picture of a child’s escalation and … Continue reading

Day 11 of ASD De-escalation Tips: The Perfect Consequence


Your room looks like a small tornado just ran through it.  The chairs are tipped over, books and paper clutter the floor, and your ears are still ringing from the screaming.   The well planned lesson you had put together was ruined by another escalation and now the rest of … Continue reading