Helping Students with High Functioning Autism Reflect on their Behavior Using Contingency Comics

Increasing your student’s capacity to accurately reflect on their behavior in a manner that might influence future behavior is an uphill battle when it comes to supporting those with autism.  I personally struggled with this as a high school teacher with my student Brandon over ten years ago.  After seeking out different methodologies, … Continue reading

Utilizing Minecraft and Other Highly Restricted Interests to Support Students with Autism


Successfully teaching students with autism how the world works often requires us getting to know a bit about their world first.  This means coming to understand their individual interests, passions, and fears that drive them.   Over the years as an Autism Specialist I have found that when you take a “highly restricted … Continue reading

Autism on the Bus: Making It a Good Ride for Everyone


It is commonly known that many individuals with autism struggle with transitions, so it should be no surprise that the biggest transition in the day (the bus ride) can end up being very difficult for those on the spectrum.  School busses are not what one would refer to as “sensory friendly” and the … Continue reading