Inconceivable!!!! Lessons for the Special Eductor from the Princess Bride



Mawwiage.  Mawwiage is what brings us together today.  Today and everyday!   It is the coming together of learners who need great educators and educators who need hungry learners that makes the schoolhouse such an amazing place.  It is hard work and it is heart work, but that’s what makes teaching our twue wuv.

Sometimes words don’t mean what you think they mean.  If your kids are having trouble communicating, look beyond the words that they’re using. Think about the way the word is being used.  The broader context can help you to recognize echolalia or find clues to the word’s intended meaning.

2193294-inigomontoya1Set goals and follow through.  For Inigo Montoya it was the six fingered man, but whatever goals you set for your leaners go after them!  It can be an adventure, and you will need a team, but in the end it will be your persistence that makes the difference.

Beware of the Dread Pirate Roberts.  Learners can fear what they do not know or understand, leading up to them imagining a task or activity as something not to be triffled with.   Instead of sending them running in fear, unmask the agenda for each day clearly and consistently.

Always have a holocaust cloak handy.  You never know what strange situation you might find yourself in during the day, so be equipped with some “just in case” lesson plans or activities.  Being prepared for the unpredictable will help you when it comes to storming the castle of your learner’s minds.

The wiggling of a finger is worth praising.  Make a big deal about even the smallest of victories for your learners so that one day they may be able to stand and walk independently in life.  Believing in themselves comes from you believing in them first.

Billy-Crystal-Miracle-MaxMostly dead is still slightly alive. Days will come when you feel absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed. Ensure you are getting some balance in your own life so when you show up you are, at worst, only slightly dead.

There is a way out of the fire swamp.  Some days will be a battle of wits, others like a kiss in a meadow.  But for those days in which you find yourself lost in the middle of a fire swamp, do not fret.  Stay on your toes, take care of your teammates, and fight through.  You will make it out alive, and your legend as an educator will grow larger.

Even the Cliffs of Insanity can be conquered.  No matter how daunting the task, it can be mastered. One step at a time, one breath at a time. Don’t rely soley upon others to pull you up, and don’t carry the weight of all others as you ascend – both lead to working relationships that won’t last. See all your teammates as contributing resources and all working toward a common goal.

True love doesn’t happen everyday. We live in a world where many are unemployed, and those that are employed do not even slightly enjoy what they do.  But in our world of education, we get to experience the magic of learning in youngsters every day. We actually get to love what we do for a living, and we can’t ever let ourselves forget that!  Keep up the energy, keep up the passion, and keep up that smile!



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