For Educators in Need of Inspiration


We in education are not in the business of changing the world, we are in the business of changing worlds.  If we want to bring our absolute best for kids every single day this is a vision we cannot loose sight of.  I was personally reminded of this a few years ago while working with a school team that was doing its best to educate a young boy with autism.  At the end of the year the family made a video to thank us for the work we had done and the work we were yet to do.  To be honest, we were not emotionally prepared to see what they had to share.  Fair warning to you, before pressing play be sure to have a tissue in hand.



This message touched the heart of the team and every person with whom we shared it with.  It is something powerful when families and professionals can connect on an emotional level like this.  Which is why when I was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Washington State Special Education Administrator Conference last year, I could think of no better person to join me on stage.  Below is a video that the family again made to capture this incredible moment.



Educators, remember Zach, remember the faces of all the kids you serve, and remember that you are their hero.  Wear the cape proudly, and know that kids don’t just need your greatness, they require it.


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