Promoting Independence: The Need for a One on One Paraprofessional

Greater challenges from a student often lends itself to a need for greater supports, and in the eyes of many there is no better support than the acquisition of a one on one paraprofessional for a student.  It is this blanket response to challenges in the schoolhouse that can inhibit growth and create a culture … Continue reading

Promoting Independence: It’s all about Navigation

When a strong focus is taken on promoting student independence, one can set the bar so high that they mistake independence for perfection.  Having unrealistic goals can inhibit growth from the compounded frustration of both teacher and student.  People who are perfect have complete and full knowledge of the world, they … Continue reading

Promoting Independence: Looking to the Future

The future for your students starts today.  Their success and their possibilities down the road are tightly linked to what you are doing for them now.  In education we often become so hyper-focused on the present that we allow it alone to guide our teaching.  For our students with disabilities, we often first … Continue reading

The Ultimate Access Card – Original Art!

One of the many things that have me truly excited about the Ultimate Access Card is that all of the art is completely original (Thank You Abby!). It was great to be able to have images created that would make more sense to the learner. For example, many images of … Continue reading