Five Rules of Five for Educators to Live By


Lets keep it simple today.  Improving classroom climate and your own effectiveness as an educator does not need to be exceedingly complex.  Here are five rules for all educators to live by to improve your day to day performance.

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Alternatives to Isolation Rooms for Students with Autism


Due to a grave overuse of isolation rooms in schools many states have adopted stricter laws around how and when they can be used.  While this has caused many educators to think differently on how they can support students when they escalate, it has left some wondering what other … Continue reading

Utilizing Minecraft and Other Highly Restricted Interests to Support Students with Autism


Successfully teaching students with autism how the world works often requires us getting to know a bit about their world first.  This means coming to understand their individual interests, passions, and fears that drive them.   Over the years as an Autism Specialist I have found that when you take a “highly restricted … Continue reading